Selfridges - it's JEAN-ius!

It's been ages since I've posted anything, apologies. The irony is my blog is now generating a lot of commissions and collaborations and sometimes I have to pinch myself I find myself back-to-back with projects that I can't post just yet, so please bear with me for a little while longer....

In the meantime let's talk about Selfridges and their rather fabulous and exciting three-day blogger bonanza. As you may be aware, I have a section on called Self Style where I take pictures of stylish shoppers. If not take a quick look here: Self Style.

To celebrate Europe's longest denim wall (I mean seriously, have you seen how many jeans are on offer on the 3rd floor - YUM!), Selfridges have brought together (what they fabulously call) "fashion royalty", otherwise known as me, Melanie Rickey from FashionEditoratLarge, Sasha Wilkins from LibertyLondonGirl, Fred Butler and Kiki Georgiou to host a unique "blogger's bar" and chat denim. Fabulous indeed.

If you are a fan of Bodymetrics, Citizens of Humanity, J Brand, Paige Denim or True Religion and are in town next week come and say hello (I'll be there on Friday 3 February, from 3pm).

Thursday 3 February 2-8pm
Friday 4 February 3-7pm
Saturday 5 February 1-5pm

3rd Central on 3rd floor contemporary


emily said...

Denim how I love thee and would love to be in Selfridges (Church of Denim) next week. Sadly I cannot make it but have fun and looking forward to more post s soon :)

Stefanie Langholz said...

Have fun!!

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