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My friend Annemarie Lawless has a beautiful blog called inspired by her wonderful daughter, Tallulah Rose. They (together with super-talented photographer father Michael Sanders) live in NYC so I don't get to see them as often as I would like, but, we did get to catch up earlier this year over a game of croquet, no less. I was chaperoning Evie (my 9 year old bezzie) as she was being shot for ES magazine, you know, the usual afternoon. Cue lots of cute children and some weird dancing and embarrassing running my me:

  • The Playdate

Jackie Dixon

This post is play date, role model and inspiration all wrapped up into one. I met Jackie a few years ago at our mutual friend the late photographer Corinne Day’s house. I had only just the day before read about the UBER stylist/photographer/blogger of the insanely stylish and successful Show Me Your Wardrobe in that month’s In Style Magazine. Michael introduced us and instantly I felt as if I had known her forever. My idea for a little muse was germinating and I shared it with Jackie. She was incredibly encouraging and supportive determined to tell me everything she wished she had known when she first started Show me Your Wardrobe. I am forever grateful to Britain’s top Fashion Blogger! The stars aligned this past Summer when we were able to spend some time together in London. I suggested we play croquet! We were in England after all and Jackie had access to the most beautiful garden where she lives in Kensington. The day turned out even more special as she was spending it with her best friend make up artist Emma White Turle’s daughter the ADORABLE Evie! Evie was being photographed in the square for a fashion story for ES Magazine. Tallulah watched wide eyed as Evie would flit back and forth changing dresses for her next shot. Excitement all around- particularly when at one moment a bike messenger brought a gift for Jackie from Emporio Armani-a new pair of sunglasses! Tallulah’s silliness and enthusiasm was off the charts that day not surprisingly with Jackie’s effervescent and playful spirit abound! You can see more of Jackie’s work at Show me Your Wardrobe

Film by Annemarie Lawless, photograph above, by Jackie Dixon.


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