Show Me Your Miss Selfridge Campaign....

I had the great pleasure of shooting the new Miss Selfridge campaign in Jaipur, India. Pics are in store and (my personal favourite) plastered all down Oxford Street. Whoop whoop! Also online.

Hope you enjoy.

Thanks Miss S!



Gemma Edwards said...

I am so glad to see something positive coming from Miss Selfridge. Since i moved to London i have heard all bad about this brand from the rest of the fashion girls. Personally i love their style. They have some unique pieces. Fair enough sometimes the quality isn't always good but after all, it is an affordable high street brand.

Gem xxx

Demmy said...

I love these pictures. xx

St├ęphanie Crown said...

I love India and this theme is just perfect. said...

Thanks guys xx

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Jenna Catlin said...

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Patricia Carter said...

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